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Nam-Thu Tran


Tran's Formations Healing Studio

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We all tend to store stress, pain, unresolved emotions, grief and trauma in our bodies which eventually leads to a state of internal imbalance. Nam-Thu believes in the body’s innate ability to regain equilibrium and heal itself. She utilizes her intuition, spiritual guidance, and experiential knowledge to identify tension areas in the body and assist in this process. She has been practicing energetic bodywork and healing touch for over 10 years and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through listening to the body and mindful communication, she incorporates a collaborative approach and customizes each treatment based on individual needs. Tran’s Formations Studio is located in the Heights neighborhood at Noble Artisan, 306 North Street, Suite 12. Nam-Thu also offers in-home treatments for a convenient, relaxing experience.


Energy Bodyworker, Herbal Alchemist, Acupuncture Student


massage, energy, bodywork, herbal, alchemy, healing, healer


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Nam-Thu Tran

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